(UPDATE 12th November 2019)

Ron's Org, Grenchen, is a trusted source for auditing (pre-'Golden Age of Tech' - which is a squirreled type of auditing) and courses in an academy-like setting but outside the $hurch of Scientology's influence or control. Max Hauri runs it the way LRH intended (with no 'reg'ing' cycles) with everything per LRH policy up to about 1981 and inexpensive auditing rates. Click on the image to the left to go to the Ron's Org website. The page will open up in a new window or tab. The Bridge at Ron's Org is complete and goes up to OT 48 and includes the 'lost' Excalibur level (yes, that Excalibur data that was supposedly 'stolen' by the Russians)!

Large files are HERE.

KEY: sc=physically scanned by me, HQ=High Quality

Email = info@lrhmaterials.com.